Angry \ 'angre \ adj -gri-er; -est : feeling or showing anger -an-gri-ly \ -grele \ adv
Kreyon \ cray-on \ 'kr„,šn, -Ín \ n :stick of chalk or wax used for drawing or coloring -crayon vb

News and Updates


 - Well as you have noticed the Angry Kreyon website has been restarted and the band is actually working on possible reforming and getting started on a new Cd project. I have contacted Ron Harris (bass) and we are currently seeking Kevin Fisher (drums) to get started again and depending on if Mike Davis( lead guitar) is available from his regular project we can start back up where we left off. look back soon for more updates as this are happening Fast and furious this year.


 - ok I have started to work on the new graphics and started to try and decide what sort of format I want for this site, still not sure really but I will figure it out soon. I have added a chat room for now to get some people to start to visit and also so I can get feedback to the things I am thinking of. who knows maybe some great graphics guru will volunteer some cool works. at any rate I have to start to make the changes to the structure soon so don't get too comfortable because things will change allot! remember the pages up at this time are temporary pages and will be replaced at some point.


- More upgrades and updates coming! reworking the site to make updates and additions easier and also to make the navigation better.